Our mission

Polish School in Glasgow was set up in September 2012. The school is a non profit organisation in form of community interest company registered in Companies House – SC 498672.

We are a group of teachers of various ages who have found themselves living and working in a foreign land. We met in Glasgow and decided to give Polish immigrant children what they were missing out on as a result of leaving their homeland.We know the importance of education and upbringing, of which an integral part is the cultivation and promotion of Polish tradition and culture, Polish customs, Polish history and national language: in a nutshell, our national heritage.



We are keen to pass on to our children the values and attitudes instilled in us. We want to give them a sense of ownership of their own culture and language and of belonging to the country of their ancestors: a distant place, but also a place to which, if they wish, they can always return and not feel like strangers.

In a foreign land, usually the only place of contact with everything Polish is the home. Most of the time, however, it is limited to conversation in Polish and watching Polish television. The ability to express oneself in proper, formal and literacy Polish language is slowly disappearing in young children and teenagers and elements of the two different cultures in which they are functioning gradually blend into one. That which testifies to belonging to a distinct culture and permits differentiation of our nation from so many others is slowly being lost in our children. We want to give them as much as possible of Poland.